Rosemarie’s Story

I was born on September 12th, 1947….My mother had me later in her life, I think they told me I was a ‘change of life’ baby…I have one sister almost 4 years older than me……My mother was Irish Catholic and my father, German Protestant.  Right off the bat we were shunned by both families…each hated the other….

My mother and father met ice skating on the Charles River in Boston…They both had a love of classical music…My mother played the piano and my father was a concert violinist…he loved his violin more than anything, even his wife and children. He would play for hours and hours…he was a very gifted musician, but could not relate to people and I don’t believe he treated my mother well.

We were very poor…my father was an immigrant and only had a 3rd grade education..he was a dish washer at the Ritz Carlton in Boston…Even back then, dish washers didn’t make enough to live on….He came from Germany at the age of 16 and had his own issues of trauma he suffered in Germany…his mother had him out of wedlock and she gave him to her sister to raise as her own…

We lived in my grandmother and grandfathers house in Jamaica Plain, MA… on Chestnut Avenue…’Oma’ as we called her, hated my mother because she wasn’t German and treated her very poorly…There was no door to our apartment so Oma would come up stairs any time she felt like it and would take my mother’s things…  Poor Mummy was so unhappy…her own family wouldn’t take her back…because she married out of her faith.

She was so unhappy…we were caught in the middle of this disfunction.  Mummy got sick and died on Christmas Day when I was 6 years old….There was no Christmas that year…My father announced my mothers death to my sister with no compassion…”Your mother is dead” was how he announced it…”find some things to put in a sock for your sister”….so she did the best she could to find little things to put in a knee sock….I still remember that day…..Oma hated my sister…She was labeled ‘the Irish one’, and favored me because I was ‘the German one’…Much of the time there was nothing to eat for my poor sister…I was little and just wanted attention as all little kids need.

My mother was waked in the house…and I recall how little flowers were there…just two little bouquets representing us two girls….One of my most traumatic memories was seeing my mother lying in the casket and was told to “Say goodbye to your mother”….my little face just about the height of the coffin….I didn’t want to say goodbye to my mother, but no one understood this, nor did they care….we were told what to think and feel, our emotions didn’t matter…we were from the ‘suck it up and get over it’ clan….It took a lifetime to get over the loss of my mother….to forgive her for dying….leaving me behind, wounds we as children take on, feeling like if we were better, we were worth living for.

Like you, I have suffered grave injustices throughout my life….My father remarried someone he met through a ‘fix up,’ a friend of a German couple he met walking around Jamaica Pond…he sent for her and she moved in the same day he met her at the boat that took her from Germany……with a whole new set of problems waiting for her….She was very traumatized by all the wounds she suffered throughout her life and didn’t like me from the start. She let me know this in many cruel ways…I was raised to feel I didn’t have a voice, that no one cared what I thought or felt and I always felt guilty for just being alive.

I spent much of my life trying to heal those old wounds, so I understand with compassion my client’s needs….I want them to know that they are unconditionally loved and that my fondest desire is to help them heal….We all need love most of all.  Love, acceptance and freedom from pain…both emotional and physical…This is my mission, to help you through your trauma and pain….joy awaits as if a miracle were to happen…Please trust that you have the power to heal….All you need do is be willing and open minded and let me do the rest…

I would not be alive today, were it not for Tapping…it has saved my body, mind and soul…my clearing work has kept me from succumbing to the dark side’s influence upon my life…I feel very fortunate to have found these tools to share…I feel that I have been chosen to bring the Light to those who seek my help.  I have found my life’s passion and hope you will feel that I can help you process your pain to live a better quality of life.  Thank you for coming to my website and reading a bit of my life’s story…